"Like a great starving beast my body
is quivering, fixed on the scent of light."
"A poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, then raise it to nourish your beautiful parched holy mouth."
... both written by the1 4th-century poet Hafiz, Persia
Light itself is odourless but the olfactory nerve endings in your nose react differently to light versus dark. Even to light, neurological reactions vary by wavelength. Exposure to some colours triggers changes in olfactory awareness, so that thing smells different.

You can test this yourself by smelling things in bright sunlight vs total darkness, and also by shining different colour lights into your nose (white, green, red, blue...) for one minute before trying to smell something.

This is amazing and fascinating stuff! I intend to investigate in greater detail with the entire scented candle range of Lisoire and will report my findings in following posts. If you find this of interest also, then perhaps drop me a line on what you discover. 

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