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Winter, a time of rest and retreat.

"It's very beautiful Lisa. I am transported through the forest then into a villa furnished with antique credenzas and chaise lounges."  Selena B.

Juniper candle is a calming and balancing blend of juniper berry, juniper leaf, frankincense and cedar wood.

Your scent I know
The ferry to any shore, to any land, to
any realm, it is the wine cup, the heart.
An unseen vessel it is though to most,
love, but so capable of travel, via a prayer
or a soul's deep wish.
And your spirit's arms, they can reach
out and really touch anything you want
to hold.
It should be that way, and it is. For you,
dear, all within time, are right before me.
Your scent I know; your ways I shape.


Olfactive notes: juniper berry, juniper leaf, frankincense & cedar wood

Available in 285g size. approx. 55 to 60 hours burn time.

Materials: pure soy wax, cotton wick, botanical essences.

Handmade, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

See the Lisoire Seasonal Scent - Candle Subscription where JUNIPER is also available as part of the seasonal candle subscription (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring).