Best Luxury Candles Australia

The best luxury candles are those crafted by artisans. Not all candles are created equal as they vary so much with regard to burn times, scent throw and the quality of materials. A luxury candle is an investment and you want to get the best from your purchase.

This Autumn's special launch of CARRON ceramic tumblers for Lisoire is a collaboration that pays homage to luxury and refinement. Each luxury candle is a love letter to France and to creation. As we are seeking to bring nature back into our lives and enrich our interiors with pure, clean, unique and memorable scents, home fragrance does not come more luxurious than this.

Created with Conscience, ethically sourced soy wax is hand poured into each CARRON ceramic tumbler that has been glazed with the most beautiful milky white wash, handmade in the CARRON Atelier in the South of France. Available in three scents, 1712, Le Cou de Marie-Antoinette and Roses. Each candle is perfumed with pure essential oils that transform your mood. They are essential aromatherapy for your mind, body and soul.

Designed to be repurposed, once your candle has extinguished for the last time, your CARRON tumbler will remain forever. Simply remove any residue wax with a soft butter knife, soak in gentle soapy warm water and dry with a soft towel. Your CARRON limited edition piece will now be ready to use as your drinking vessel, or to place a posy of small cut flowers, to adorn your table with a small tea light or to store everyday household items in your bathroom or upon your office desk. The possibilities are endless.

To hold a unique CARRON piece in your hand, to touch and feel the attention to design and beauty, is to touch nature. It transports you to a world of splendour. 



Image: from left CARRON x 1712, CARRON x Le Cou de Marie-Antoinette, CARRON x Roses, CARRON Paris Candleholder, Beeswax 'Renaissance' Twisted Taper Candle & CARRON Paris Candleholder



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