Lisoire Story

“Lighting One Candle” by haiku master Yosa Buson
The light of a candle
Is transferred to another candle—
Spring twilight


Lisoire, launched in 2010 by Lisa Jayne Cramer, initially began in a provencal inspired studio nestled amongst Peppermint, Manna and Stringy Bark Eucalyptus trees in Central Victoria, Australia. Eleven years on Lisa continues to create soft, ambient, fragrant candlelight inspired by French companies Cire Trudon est. 1643, Diptyque est. 1961, Astier de Villatte est. 1996 and Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums est. 2000. Lisoire candles are lovingly handmade by blending the purest non-GMO sustainably sourced soy wax with 100% pure botanical essences.

    Each time you light a Lisoire candle you can be assured of it’s purity and cleanliness. Lisoire candles do not release any nasty carbons into the atmosphere, and contain 100% vegetable wax made from pure sustainably sourced soybean oil. All candles in the Lisoire range are natural, biodegradable and free of synthetics, petroleum, paraffin, palm oil and other petrochemical by-products. Each candle is carefully created and hand poured into elegant frosted glass vessels (285g) with woven cotton wicks that burn slowly from 55 to 60 hours. The combination of wax and pure natural plant essences optimises the delicate diffusion of each candle. Wrapped with 100% recycled tissue paper that has been printed with Lisoire's signature image of a secret garden, using eco-sustainable soy based ink, packaging that is plastic free and biodegradable.

    The history of perfumery dates back to Antiquity (greco-roman), the Middle Ages and the Arab world, the Renaissance and the emergence of perfumery at the Royal Court in France. Inspired by this, Lisa travelled to the south of France in 2012 to study the Art of Perfumery. Since then she has been dedicated to creating pure, natural, ambient candlelight with a delicate fragrance and continues to compose, blend and fine tune her candles for her loyal clients in Australia and around the world.

    Olfactory recognition, the creation of accords and the structure of perfume are all important factors in creating Lisoire candles.

    All beautifully created and handmade by Lisa of Lisoire.

    Why the name Lisoire you might ask? "This was the first word my eldest brother spoke to me when he miraculously emerged from an induced coma many years ago. He had suffered a severe rupture of an undetected brain aneurysm. He was not expected to survive however, following an 8 hour operation, nine days of an induced coma and months of rehabilitation, he awoke and thankfully lives and thrives still to this day."

    Knowing his sister was a total francophile his first words upon seeing Lisa, when she came to see him in ICU, were ... 'Ah, Lisoire !'. So when Lisa started her candle business back in 2010 and searching for a name that could explain her penchant for all things french, her heart and her spirit, 'Lisoire' was the obvious choice.

    Lisa has two beautiful brothers and recently her other very creative brother proclaimed that, each time you receive a Lisoire Candle, you receive "Love in a Box". So beautiful and true.

    'I hope you enjoy lighting your candle as much as I love making them for you.' Lisa, Lisoire x


    "What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love."          - St Therese


    Be the light.