Merci beaucoup aux amoureux des bougies! xx

"10 out of 10 ... lovely customer service, superior product." Kate E
"The best candles I have ever lit! They fill my home with the most magical scents ... and last forever I believe." Laetitia H
"Thank you so much for the lovely candle. The smokiness is just beautiful. I love." Tilly R
"The aroma of cinnamon in the room tonight was especially beautiful for our little shrine. The quality is truly so special and knowing that the woman behind the creation, even more so!"          Rachel H
"Thank you beautiful Lisa for our divine candle. The presentation was sooo special along with your thoughtful card! It's burning now and the fragrance is heavenly. Muchas gracias Senorita!" Laura and Debbie
"Your candles are getting me through this! Bless you Lisoire." Kylie B
"What a beautiful candle Lisa!" Michael A
"It's very beautiful Lisa. I am transported through the forest then into a villa furnished with antique credenzas and chaise lounges." Selena B
"Lisoire to the rescue. Your candles have been my saviour these last few weeks." Madelene S
"It is a beautiful, unique candle Lisa. The scent is filling my entire home. Thank you." Deborah A