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Je te souhaite I Wish You…

I wish you a day of velvet,Of iris, of lily and periwinkle,A day of leaves and branches,A day and then another day… A day of wheat, a day of vines,A day of figs, of Muscat grapes,A day of delicate grapes,A day of doves, of swans… I wish you a day of diamonds,Of sapphire and of china,A day of lilac and of wool,A day of silk, oh my mommy! And yet another day,Light, light, another dayTill the end of my love,A dawn and then a dawn. For my love for you, my mother,Can never end,Like the shaking of the treesLike the sky, like the sea… Pierre Gamarra  

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By The Sea

By The Sea by Emily Dickinson I started early, took my dog,And visited the sea;The mermaids in the basementCame out to look at me.And frigates in the upper floorExtended hempen hands,Presuming me to be a mouseAground, upon the sands.But no man moved me till the tideWent past my simple shoe,And past my apron and my belt,And past my bodice too,And made as he would eat me upAs wholly as a dewUpon a dandelion's sleeve —And then I started too.And he — he followed close behind;I felt his silver heelUpon my ankle, — then my shoesWould overflow with pearl.Until we met the solid town,No man he seemed to know;And bowing with a mighty lookAt me, the sea withdrew.

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Mother and Child

Madonna del cuscino verde - 1510 d.C. Artista: Andrea Solario Today our family celebrates the glorious birth of a baby girl. Oh happy day! Listening to Edvard Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op 16 Equal measures of harmony and melody Eloquently expressed mood is created by the slow tempo, Adagio, and the chordal movement of the melodic line, which is also supported by heavy, blocked chords. The theme plays entirely on the tonic triad except for three tones, one of which is a neighbour note (the first C), the other two are passing tones. This second theme also makes use of a seven-note (rest for the first tone) embellishing figure as a bridge preceding the repetition of the theme...

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