“Dreamlike, with bite. Bellamacina’s work is brutal, floral, blood-soaked, and knowing, in the way that nature is both cruel and beautiful.” – Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine)



Tomorrow's woman has seen war in heaven

she is the blue of light before time draws


she has loved all the women she has heard

in a throat hood

behind an eye inhaling rain.


Above the stars that cannot be filmed

stars that are not known as paradise

known for their isolation,


biographers of pain

too full of memory.


Tomorrow's woman is the colour of night

tomorrow's woman is your child

tomorrow's woman is shelter


she is sex

the last shock against death,

sex the last peace

sex that forgets black and white.


She is the first to hold a bird in her hands

and learn of foreign love

and not melt at the idea of difference.


Tomorrow's woman is too fat

she bleeds because she knows what it is to feel

a whole generation on her hips

and still be seen as empty

a dog

a fiction




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