Je te souhaite I Wish You…

I wish you a day of velvet,
Of iris, of lily and periwinkle,
A day of leaves and branches,
A day and then another day…
A day of wheat, a day of vines,
A day of figs, of Muscat grapes,
A day of delicate grapes,
A day of doves, of swans…
I wish you a day of diamonds,
Of sapphire and of china,
A day of lilac and of wool,
A day of silk, oh my mommy!
And yet another day,
Light, light, another day
Till the end of my love,
A dawn and then a dawn.
For my love for you, my mother,
Can never end,
Like the shaking of the trees
Like the sky, like the sea…
Pierre Gamarra
My beautiful mother

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