La Cloche



The French developed the glass cloche, or bell jar, formed from a solid piece of dome-shaped glass. The purpose was to protect early garden plantings, seedlings, from the cold and frost.



Later, in France during the 19th Century a cloche was used to cover the brides head piece worn on her wedding day and carried high symbolic content.  It was the bride’s mother who designed and gave the globe to her daughter. Small glass mirrors were placed around the headdress to represent sincerity. Other symbols present include ivy leaves, (the bonds of attachment) , doves (peace and harmony) and oak leaves (strength and prosperity).

Throughout the 20th century, the symbolic function of the wedding cloche wained and entered into the new world of interior decoration. 

Today the glass cloches preferred use is to protect your scented candle and concentrate its perfume. A Lisoire soy candle fits perfectly inside a cloche size of 10 x 17cm.

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