On this day light a beeswax candle as an ode to Bees and their life sustaining alchemy. 
Order a pure Beeswax Twisted Taper Renaissance Candle or pure Beeswax Honey Beehive Candle in time for World Bee Day, May 20, and say a prayer to give thanks to our precious Bees.
Global Vigil Prayer for Bees
"Great Spirit, on this World Bee Day, we offer our condolences to the bees that have been killed, and to the beekeepers who have lost their livelihoods. May they be comforted by our love and support.
We also offer a prayer for an end to the poisoning of all bees including indigenous bees, and for the healing of the earth and its ecosystems. May we all come together in a spirit of cooperation, to protect and preserve these precious creatures.
As we light our beeswax candles on this day, may they serve as a symbol of our commitment, to honour and respect the bees and their keepers, and to work towards a future where they can thrive. May the light of these candles shine a path forward, towards a world where bees are revered and cherished, and may we all do our part to make this vision a reality, for the sake of the bees, the earth, and all beings."  
Bee populations are decreasing globally at an alarming rate. Lisoire donates 1% of every beeswax candle sale to the Wheen Bee Foundation in Australia. They fund vital strategic research & education initiatives that strengthen honey & native bees, improve pollination efficiency & increase food security.

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