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CELEBRATING WORLD BEE DAY, 20 MAY 2023 GLOBAL VIGIL On this day light a beeswax candle as an ode to Bees and their life sustaining alchemy.  Order a pure Beeswax Twisted Taper Renaissance Candle or pure Beeswax Honey Beehive Candle in time for World Bee Day, May 20, and say a prayer to give thanks to our precious Bees. Global Vigil Prayer for Bees "Great Spirit, on this World Bee Day, we offer our condolences to the bees that have been killed, and to the beekeepers who have lost their livelihoods. May they be comforted by our love and support. We also offer a prayer for an end to the poisoning of all bees including indigenous bees, and for the healing...

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